The AI-SENSO is a family of intelligent battery-powered radio sensors for measuring selected physical values, such as temperature. All AI-SENSO devices are CE certified and approved for use on i.a. public transport vehicles in the EU. Thanks to the In-Lab’s vast experience in both the hardware and the software fields, an AI-SENSO device can be easily customized to a specific use scenario or integrated into an existing third-party solution.

Dual-sensor Thermal Contact Detector TCD85EU

TCD85EU is a heavy-duty outdoor detector equipped with two thermal sensors: contact one (at the bottom surface of a device) and ambient one (at the upper area). It can operate up to 10 years before battery replacement, depending on particular conditions and usage cycle. TCD85EU detectors are designed for easy and non-invasive installation on virtually all fairly-flat surfaces (please have a look at photos below). The detector’s software, developed by In-Lab, is responsible for fast and precise temperature measurements, minimizing energy consumption, effective radio communication and self-diagnostics. Essential TCD85EU tech specs are presented in the table below.

Name TCD85EU
Device type Dual-sensor thermal contact detector
Dimensions 91 x 81 x 40 mm
Weight 250 g
Power supply LiSOCl2 battery, 3.6 V, 8500 mAh
Radio link Band EU 868 MHz, output power up to 25 mW
Antenna Internal
Range Estimated up to 2 km
Operating temperature -40°C – 85°C, shortly up to 105°C/150°C*
(*without degradation/with possible degradation and tightness loss)
Measuring range – contact sensor -40°C – 85°C (± 0,3°C), shortly up to 150°C
Measuring range – ambient sensor -40°C – 120°C (±2°C)
Protection rating IP68

The most often use case of the TCD85EU device is a traction battery packs scenario. The detector is attached to a battery pack (non-invasive installation) and used to perform continuous checks of pack’s temperature. Warn or alarm signal is generated using radio link if (configurable) marginal conditions are detected. TCD85EU devices can be easily integrated with third-party solution, e.g. situational awareness systems or event detection and alarm triggering systems, like the BEHOLDER platform developed by Cognimetrica.

Hundreds of TCD85EU detectors have been already delivered and installed on traction battery packs to make early warning possible and to reduce fire-related risks of a large number of electric vehicles parked at a bus depot.

TCD85EU detectors can be also successfully used for hydrogen vehicles.

TCD85EU devices have been also successfully used for thermal monitoring of machines and other technical installations that could cause serious risks of overheating and fire. The photo above shows the detector attached to a laser device. Thanks to such applications, technical staff members can quickly respond to the first symptoms of overheating before the whole workpiece eventually catches fire.

Moreover, energy storage facilities have been equipped with TCD85EU detectors as well, as the photo above illustrates. Devices can automatically monitor and publish alerts regarding all the configured issues with e.g. overheating of battery packs, which significantly increases the safety. If the energy storage unit implements own security measures, which is always welcome, then TCD85EU detectors are a great tool for secondary independent monitoring. If there are no own measures, then such detectors seems like a must even more.