The AI-SENSO is a family of intelligent battery-powered radio sensors for measuring selected physical values, such as temperature. All AI-SENSO devices are CE certified and approved for use on i.a. public transport vehicles in the EU. Thanks to the In-Lab’s vast experience in both the hardware and the software fields, an AI-SENSO device can be easily customized to a specific use scenario or integrated into an existing third-party solution.

Dual-sensor Thermal Contact Detector TCD85EU

TCD85EU is a heavy-duty outdoor detector equipped with two thermal sensors: contact one (at the bottom surface of a device) and ambient one (at the upper area). It can operate up to 10 years before battery replacement. TCD85EU detectors are designed for easy and non-invasive installation on virtually all fairly-flat surfaces (please have a look at the photo below). The detector’s software, developed by In-Lab, is responsible for fast and precise temperature measurements, minimizing energy consumption, effective radio communication and self-diagnostics. Essential TCD85EU tech specs are presented in the table below.

Name TCD85EU
Device type Dual-sensor thermal contact detector
Dimensions 91 x 81 x 40 mm
Weight 210 g
Power supply LiSOCl2 battery, 3.6 V, 8500 mAh
Radio link Band EU 868 MHz, output power up to 25 mW
Antenna Internal
Range Estimated up to 2 km
Operating temperature -40°C – 85°C, shortly up to 105°C/150°C*
(*without degradation/with possible degradation and tightness loss)
Measuring range – contact sensor -40°C – 85°C (± 0,3°C), shortly up to 150°C
Measuring range – ambient sensor -40°C – 120°C (±2°C)
Protection rating IP68