The UV-ERFLO is a powerful solution for continuous disinfection of air flowing through the air conditioning and/or air distribution system in buses by using UV-C radiation with the broadest possible biocidal spectrum. The biocidal spectrum of the UV-ERFLO includes SARS-CoV-2 and the variety of other pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds, pathogenic microorganisms). Appropriately adjusted UV-ERFLO modules are installed in proper spots of the air conditioning and/or air distribution system in a bus.

Bus AC

The UV-ERFLO system has passed the required technical trials, carried out by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnology of the Lublin University of Technology. Therefore, the UV-ERFLO modules have been marked with the CE certificate.

Exemplary technical specs of the UV-ERFLO solution configured for two common bus types are presented in the table below.

Name 12m vehicle 18m vehicle
Modules configuration 2 x 36W + 2 x 36W 2 x 36W + 2 x 36W + 2 x 36W
Total rated power 144 W 216 W
Total UV-C radiation power 48 W 72 W
UV-C wavelength 254 nm 254 nm
Power supply 24 VDC 24 VDC

The UV-ERFLO system does not generate any ozone and – thanks to special covers – does not direct UV-C radiation into the passenger compartment. As shown on the picture above, a professional UV-C meter indicates that no radiation reaches the passenger compartment (the blue color on the photo is not an UV-C radiation – it’s only a visual side-effect of the UV-C emission, UV-C radiation cannot be seen). Therefore, the UV-ERFLO can be safely operated during everyday duties and the presence of passengers in the vehicle.


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