The UV-ERFLO is a powerful solution for continuous disinfection of air flowing through the air conditioning and/or air distribution system in buses by using UV-C radiation with the broadest possible biocidal spectrum. The biocidal spectrum of the UV-ERFLO includes SARS-CoV-2 and the variety of other pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds, pathogenic microorganisms). Appropriately adjusted UV-ERFLO modules are installed in proper spots of the air conditioning and/or air distribution system in a bus.

In the first year of market presence (i.e. 2021), the UV-ERFLO system has been mounted either by In-Lab or by a Partner on ca. 350 public transport buses operating in 5 cities in Poland. This translates to ca. 1 600 effectors, mostly UV-ERFLO M modules – picked by the Customers in almost every case, which gives the total installed power of UV-C radiation at the level of ca. 20 000 W. Thanks to this, many billions of pathogens transmitted in the air inside vehicles every day will never become a threat to Passengers.

The UV-ERFLO system has passed the required technical trials, carried out by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electrotechnology of the Lublin University of Technology. Therefore, the UV-ERFLO modules have been marked with the CE certificate.

In vitro studies verifying the strong biocidal activity of the UV-ERFLO modules against reference pathogens most commonly found in the air, including buses and air conditioning systems, were carried out by the Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology of the Medical University of Lublin.

Exemplary technical specs of the UV-ERFLO solution configured for two common bus types are presented in the table below.

Name 12m vehicle 18m vehicle
Modules configuration 4 x 36W 4 x 36W + 4 x 36W
Total rated power 144 W 288 W
Total UV-C radiation power 48 W 96 W
UV-C wavelength 254 nm 254 nm
Power supply 24 VDC 24 VDC

The UV-ERFLO system does not generate any ozone and – thanks to special covers – does not direct UV-C radiation into the passenger compartment. As shown on the picture above, a professional UV-C meter indicates that no radiation reaches the passenger compartment (the blue color on the photo is not an UV-C radiation – it’s only a visual side-effect of the UV-C emission, UV-C radiation cannot be seen). Therefore, the UV-ERFLO can be safely operated during everyday duties and the presence of passengers in the vehicle.

Thanks to the modular design, any installation of the UV-ERFLO system in a given vehicle can be extended with additional modules, including detectors – increasing the safety and convenience of servicing processes.

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